Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Available Domains: Death, evil, grumach


  1. Undeath is the ultimate achievement. Seek to cast off your mortal shell.
  2. Do not fear your inevitable death. Only in death can you defeat the Marker’s tyranny and serve Grumach.
  3. Let no death go unexploited. Every corpse deserves the gift of Grumach.
  4. Cause pain and suffering to others and yourself.
  5. Reveal the Maker’s Lie! People are imperfect. Force their bodies to reflect their souls.

       Grumach is the chaotic evil god of rot, disease, and undeath. if any single church or religion can be said to have been dominant throughout the Time of great change it is definitely the church of Grumach. With the death of Faya and loss of her mercy, the church of Grumach was able to act unopposed for a number of years. Upon the ascension of Mirenae to godhood, Grumach faced a fledgling opponent with only a few true devotees. Fortunately, the church lacks any sort of order or discipline and this costs them dearly in effectiveness. Grumachian high priests constantly battle one another for dominance, often in the cost of one another lives. They desecrete each other’s temples, destroy each other’s laboratories and dispel each other’s undead armies. In the end, as one priests defeats the other, the church as a whole suffers. It seems that every year finds a new creature or high priest declaring themselves the ultimate priest-king of Grumach, only to be crushed by another with a similar claim soon after.

       The primary devotees of Grumach are intelligent undead. Human worshipers usually follow the ways of Grumach either because they seek the cheap and easy road to power and immortality or because they’re insane. worshipers of Grumach are some of the most foul and depraved individuals to walk upon the Maker’s earth. Wallowing in their own filth and mire, Grumach’s living minions often prey upon the weak and helpless, seeking to disfigure or maim them to honor their dark lord. worshipers are seen scurrying around forces of the undead, picking up fallen plunder or killing the mindless hordes merely trampled or past passed by.

       To be among the devoted flock of Grumach, an initiate must have some sort of disfigurement, scar or deformity. Initiates aid their high priets and necromancers in the creation and empowerment of undead minions, robbing graveyards, and battlefields alike. All initiates seek to shrug off the Maker’s plan and become undead themselves, the ultimate praise to their foul master and the perfect way to outlive puny mortals and plan their ultimate downfall into a world of rot, decay, and pestilence. Worship of Grumach is illegal in most civilized lands, and those caught worshiping the god of rot are executed.

       clerics of Grumach pray for their spells at sunset. followers of Grumach wear dark brown to honor their god. His holy symbol is the coffin and his favored weapon is the dire flail. grumach sits upon the divine Wheel in opposition to Mirenae, the goddess of healing.

Church Structure: The church of Grumach cannot be said to have a structure, or at least not one that a sane person could understand. there is no Grand Cathedral of Grumach, though there are often rumors and tantalizing reports.

       One such report from a Falian scout spoke of a cave in the Barrier Mountains crammed wall to wall with corpses. At first thought to be a mass grave, the adventurers began moving the bodies outside to they could be burned and properly laid to rest. When they looked closer at the bodies, they noticed the stitches in many of them. It was then they realized they stumbled upon a huge reserve of bodies that were to be used as undead. Further exploration of the cave uncovered an alter, a box containing 40 drams of korba, and a heavily enchanted Grumachian holy symbol resting in a pile of dust. Sages theorize that this was a failed attempt to sanctify a cathedral to Grumach, while others simply believe it was the final resting place of some Old Grumachin priest.


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