Path of Peace or Wisdom:: Lawful Neutral

*Path of Peace:

  1. Reject fear, anger, and hatred in all of their forms.
  2. Never initiate conflict, or inspire another to do so.
  3. Always seek the most peaceful resolution or compromise to any conflict or dispute.

Path of Wisdom:

  1. Seek knowledge of the world, the heavens, and thyself.
  2. Preserve the history and knowledge of the past for the present, and the present for the future.
  3. respect the wisdom of those more learned and experienced than thyself.

       The god of peace and wisdom, Jaad is lawful neutral. Jaad seeks to lead the world to a peaceful existence, free of conflict and violence. in such a world all being would be free to spend their time in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. In turn, knowledge and wisdom are the tools by which the world will transcend those base instincts that drive conflict. Therefore, wisdom leads to peace, and peace leads to more wisdom. Initiates and worshippers of Jaad may follow one of two paths. Those who follow the path of peace are pacifists in the truest sense, and will do almost anything to eliminate conflict and violence. Those who follow the path of wisdom spend their time accumulating and preserving knowledge. Jaad himself does not wield any weapon, and initates are prohibited from using edged or ranged weapons, but may use hand-held blunt weapons, the favored weapon being the quarterstaff.

       Clerics of Jaad pray for their spells in the hour before dawn, when the world is most peaceful. His symbol is the triangle and his color is yellow. He stands on the wheel of gods in opposition to Bellinger, the god of war.

The Birth of the Paths: When the church of Bellinger split in two paths, the church of Jaad was forced to follow suit in accordance with the symmetry of the wheel. The split in the church of Jaad was fairly seamless, and the two paths work hand in hand to accomplish the goals of the church.

       Followers of Jaad are almost all scholors, librarians, researchers and other educated people. Regardless of which path a person follows, all followers of Jaad, are required to be literate. Jaad does not allow his worshipers to use edged weapons, as bloodshed is always the wrong solution to any problem. Those who follow the Path of Wisdom emphasizes that only through wisdom can all things be obtained, and their search wisdom and knowledge knows no bounds. Those who follow the Path of Peace will always attempt to find non-violent resolutions to all arguments. When the temple decides that a particular side of a dispute continuously and habitually refused to listen to reason and constantly resorts to violence, a decree may be made that the only way to restore peace is to annihilate the offending side. Noble and those in power often utilize Jaadian priests as researchers, advisers, negotiators, and administrators. Civilized leaders will always respect the “Triangle of Jaad,” a spell cast by Jaadian negotiators to attempt to resolve conflicts peacefully. once representative from both sides will each stand on one of the points of the triangle while the Jaadian stands in the third. The two sides are expected to discuss options other than warfare while the triangle with the Jaadian moderating the talks. Committing acts of violence within the triangle is the easiest way to offend the church of Jaad and bring down their wrath.

Church Structure: Although the church of the Maker has the largest and most rigid hierarchy, the church of Jaad has the most complex structure of all the faiths. The church is referred to by the faithful as the Great Triangle, encompassing an organization of initiates of both paths of Jaad that spans both empires and the Colonies. The spiritual leader of the Great Triangle, and therefore all Jaadian faithful, is the Grand Preceptor, who is the senior member of the Grand Triumvirate, which is composed of the three senior members of the three Triumvirates. The church is divided into three regions, referred to as the Northern Triangle, the Eastern Triangle and the Southern Triangle. each of these lesser triangles is governed by a Triumvirate of three Preceptors, making nine total Preceptors in the church. Each Preceptor holds services in a temple of Jaad known as a University. These Universities typically house enormous libraries and are the greatest centers of learning and theological studies in the empires. Temples in large cities are referred to as Universities and are head by Chancellors. Shrines in smaller cities and towns are colleges and their leaders Provost.


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