Alignment: Neutral Good.
Available Domains: Good, healing, Mirenae, Sun.


  1. Never kneel and never beg, for we cannot sever through weakness.
  2. Suffer no undead to exist.
  3. Never withhold aid from those in need.
  4. Strive for the purification of all those tainted by Grumach or Ullon.
  5. Keep yourself free from taint. Only through purity of mind, body, and soul can the faith be served.
  6. Through these tenets we honor Faya, whose ultimate sacrifice gave us the strenght we need. Never forget her spirit.

       Mirenae is the neutral good goddess of healing. After the death of Faya, Mirenae was ascended to the Wheel to replace the fallen goddess. While the church of Faya was renowned for their mercy and kindness, Mirenae has taken a much harder line. Mirenaens are still expected to help those in need of aid and heal the wounded upon the battlefield, but they are also expected to be the first line of defense against Grumach and the forces of the undead and will rarely back down from an opportunity to purify even a single undead creature or Grumachian worshiper, even if that purificatoin could cost them their own life. They believe in the preservatoin of life in all but the most extreme cases. Followers are expected to defend the sick, disabled, and those that cannot defend themselves from all harm. Mirenae has taken up the mantle of fighting undead and the forces of Grumach and her followers are renowned for their brave opposition of the foul god.

       The general disorder of the church of Grumach has been a boon to the Mirenaen church. in its fledgling days the church was very vulnerable to outside assault, and could have even been eeliminated completely if an organized attack was launched. Because the Grumachians were so busy fighting among themselves to determine who should lead this attack, no attack of note was ever made and the mirenaens were able to establish a firm foothold.

       Unfortunately, the tenet to never kneel has cost the Mirenaens a certain amount of respect from nobility, especially in the southern empire. Because it is customary to kneel before a noble as a show of respect, certain especially arrogant nobles see the Mirenae church as one huge defiance. it is said that a Mirenaen high priest once preached to the failing King of the Southern Empire, his proselytizing driving the King into a frenzy, and causing his heart to fail him. Some of the more fanatical worshippers will preach that no one should kneel, as it is a show of subjugation. Instances like this have caused many legal and political troubles for the Mirenae church, despite their place on the Wheel.

       To join the church of mirenae, the applicant must never have drawn the blood of an innocent, and must help an already established initiate destroy one undead way for their services, granting healing and aid willingly and freely.

       Clerics of Mirenae pray for their spells just after sunset, when the first stars can be seen in teh evening sky. devotees wear silver to show their connectoin to the church. When Mirenae ascended to the Wheel, a bright shooting star was seen in the daytime sky over McTavish Plain. For this reason, initiates of Mirenae took as thier holy symbol a shooting star. her favored weapon is the morning-star. Mirenae sits on the divine Wheel in opposition to Grumaach, the god of rot and decay.

Church Structure: The seat of power for the Mirenae church is the Cathedral of Glory, which is in the city of Stoneheim. The leaders of the church are called the Celestial council. The council is made up of the most province. When a high priest is elected to the council, they immediately move to Stoneheim to take up residence in the cathedral. The leader of the council is called the Grand Celestine, and is chosen from among the councilors by the councilors. A position on the Celestial Council is held for life.

       On a local level, each temple of Mirenae has a high priest assigned to its care and maintenance. they are given the task to care for the people in the area, tending to the sick and wounded and teaching the ways of Mirenae. Beyond the main worship area is a small hospital, where the infirm can rest and be under the care of the priests. each high priest also chooses a temple defender.

       A temple defender is usually a paladin or initiated fighter. The defender’s job is to stand ready against the forces of Grumach, and train the local population how to recognize and defend themselves against attacks from undead creatures. A typical temple defender will organize large practices where the local populace can train in martial skills or learn about the strengths and weakness of undead foes. Each high priest is given basic autonomy when it comes to leading his devout. The celestial Council recognize that each person that gets ascended is an individual, with individual ways of practicing their faith and different thoughts on what the Mirenae means to them. It is rare for the council is intervene in any but the most extreme circumstances.


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