Alignment: Lawful Good
Available Domains: Good, Law, Solaron, Sun

#Never subvert the truth for any purpose for the truth must always be respected without bias.

  1. always seek the greatest justice, and may it be your weapon with which to defend innocence.
  2. Guide, obey, and protect the order and rule of civil authority.
  3. Oppose injustice at all times, even if it resides within authority.
  4. Bring the forces of Ullon to justice in all places, and at all times.

       the god of justice, Solaron is lawful good. His titles are The bringer of Justice, The Provider of the laws, and The Right Arm of The Maker. Solaron is the ultimate deity of order in religious and secular matters. Many govermnet officials in both empires of the Twin Crowns are worshippers, initiates, and priests of Solaron. The laws of both church and throne often overlap, and it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between church and state in the affairs of Solaron. Solaron’s ultimate purpose is the pursuit of the purest justice and the cleansing of all that is inherently deceitful. His worshipers include fighters, paladins, humans, elves, and any that embraces the orderly ways of organized society. The domains that Solaron is associated with are Good, Law, Sun, and Solaron.

       The story of the creation of Solaron by the Maker has passed unchanged through the ages. the Plane of Existence was plunging into chaos and disorder. The Unmaker had reached its hands into The Makers greatest creation and fouled it with his minions of darkness. The corruption of the races had taken firm hold on the people of the plane, and the Unmaker was poised for a great victory over the Maker. To help restore balance in the eternal conflict of light and darkness, The Maker created Solaron, the god of justice and order.

       Solaron took to the plance of existence in the form of an avatar to sew the seeds of justice. Solaron handpicked 12 ‘chosen’ children of The Maker to help spread word of his divine arrival. Solaron and his 12 mortal disciples helped swing the balance back to the favor of creation, and The Maker.

       Outraged with his defeat, The Unamker sought out Solaron to destroy him. And The Unmaker would have assuredly done away with the god of justice, were it not for Faya’s help in repelling the attack of The Unamker. Faya healed Solaron’s wounds as he fought The Unmaker, forcing the god of destruction into a stalemate, a victory for the young deity Solaron.

       Clerics of Solaron pray for their spells near noon, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. His worshipers and initiates wear the color gold. Solaron’s symbol is the scales, representing the balance of law and justice. His favored weapon is the great-sword. He sits upon the Divine Wheel in opposition to Ullon, the god of murderer and deceit.

Church Structure: At the end of the first millennium, when the dust settle from the war that split the Empire in its Northern and Southern halves, the Church of Solaron experience a similar schism. the church of Solaron in the north maintained the code of their history; a brand of justice designed to protect and defend all citizens of the Empire, both peasant and king. The southern Church of Solaron adopted a different sense of justice: absolute law and order, fully backed by the crown and enforced by the penalties of severe punishment.

       The tribunal is the highest body of the church of Solaron in the Northern empire, and it is also the land’s highest court of law. It consists of three high priests, one from each of the Northern Empire’smain provinces. The provinces of Stoneheim and falia share a representitive seat in the Tribunal. A Tribunal Justice is a lifetime appointment, and when one dies, the tow remaining priests, along with the current sovereign, will chose a replacement upon reaching a unanimous decision, a potentially lengthy process.

       The Provincial Curial is the next highest order and court. For each of the northern Empire’s four provinces, a body of three high priests serves as the religious leaders of their respective province. In varying capacities each of the four groups work in conjunction with their respective provincial governments, but their primary tasks are their religious responsibilities.

       A praetor is a priest that works for a provincial curial, and a sub-praetor is a priest that assists the Praetor. A praetor may have several Sub-praetors. They represent the next tier of priests in the hierarchy.

       The superior stands alone as the voice of Solaron of the Southern Empire. Since the polarization of the church of Solaron into northern and southern halves, it has been the practice of The Superior to tie them politically and directly with the throne of the southern Empire. There is an Imperial Law in the south that the crown will forever recognize and support The Superior as the sole leader of the church of Solaron. In return, the church can be called upon to participate in wars and battles on behalf othe king or queen of the Southern empire.

       ministers of Justice are the church’s enforcers of teh imperial laws throughout the Southern Empire. They are only 10 serving at a time, they are hand chosen by The Superior, and they are usually the most powerful high priests in the south. In addition to their religious responsibilities, the Queen also knights each minister of justice to that they may have undisputed power to enact justice as they see fit. Though They are technically knights of the crown, they answer to The Superior.

       each Minister of Justice may name up to 10 Templars. The Templars of the Ministers are the muscle behind the enforcement of the imperial laws. A Templar is a devout initate, ascendant, or prist of Solaron who usually possesses great strength, cunning, and power to carry out their orders. Templars often accompany the Ministers of Justice on their more important missions of the church.


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