The Maker


Alignment: Neutral Good
Available Domains: Good, Maker, Protection, Spirit


  1. First and above all else, protect, the Maker’s Great Labor of Creation.
  2. Accept, defend and preserve the Maker’s Plan. All the Maker’s People, through having but one immortal soul, and granted five Gifts of life by the Maker. All past transgressions are to be considered forgiven with the rise of each new Gift and purified soul.
  3. Keep yourself purse of the Unmaker and its minions in thought, word and deed.
  4. Strive to oppose all evil and destructive forces, allying yourself with all who would thwart allying yourself with all who would thwart those who seek to bring harm to the Maker’s Creation.
  5. You must bring forth creation by your own Labor.

       The maker is the neutral good god of creation and order. The church of the Maker is the largest and most powerful organization on Ptalmanar. Over 90% of the people of the world worship the Maker, and both Empires respect and follow the will of the Maker church in many matters. As the primary force of good and the top of the Wheel of the Gods, the Maker leads the other divine powers of goodness in the defense and preservation of the world from the forces of evil.

       Maker initiates stand firm in their opposition to the Unamker and its evil minions, and diligently look to the Tenets of their church for guidance. there are often differing ways of interpreting how these Tenets apply to a given situation, but the initiates and priests are expected to make a sincere effort, and to follow the interpretatoins of their religious leaders. Initiates of the Maker concern themselves with the “big picture.” They put the welfare of groups of people ahead of their own private goals and relationships. Initiates are always willing to make personal sacrifices for the greater good. Makerites respect and follow a religious hierarchy more rigorously than any other church, and the word of a high priest of the Maker carries more weight than any other religious leader.

       Since evil has many facets, so most of the church of the Maker. The church contains many Orders: groups of faithful who are dedicated to countering and defeating a specific type of evil. Makerite Orders never contain high priests, to prevent them from straying to far from the official stances of the church as a whole. Church officials sometimes give an Order a specific task to complete. Most Orders follow a more militant structure than the church at large as they concentrate in specific geographical areas or more from place to places their directive dictates.

       Clerics of the Maker pray for their spells just after sunrise. Worshiper’s wear white to signify their faith. The symbol of the Maker is an unbroken ring, representing his perfection and eternal nature, and his favored weapon is the heavy mace. The maker sits on the Divine Wheel in opposition to the Unmaker, god of destruction and evil.

Church Structure: The head of the church of the Maker, which is still united across both empires and and colonies, is the Patriarch, who is served by a Councilium of 12 Curates. The center of the church is the Grand Cathedral in Konigsburg. The head of the church in each province, and one for the Northern and Southern Colonies, is given the title Exarch. Beneath each Exarch there is a dean for each Duchy, and each Dean overseas a Prior for each large city and every Country and barony.

       Makerites emulate their god by creating with their own hands much as he created the world. Devotees must at least learn the basics of a craft or profession before seeking entrance into the church. They are also expected to donate to the church from time to time.

The Maker

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