The Wylds


Alignment: Neutral
Available Domains: Air, Animal, earth, Fire, Plant, Water, Wylds


  1. The Maker’s people are but part of the Maker’s creation. They are neither more nor less important than any other part.
  2. All living things are part of a greater balance. Protect that balance as if the lives of all the Maker’s peoples depended on it, because they do.
  3. Preserve nature from destruction
  4. The hunt is sacred. Have respect for what you hunt and do not waste your prey.
  5. Oppose that which is unnatural. Undead and golems are the creations of misguided souls and must be put down.
  6. Beware the man made god, for he will destroy everything.

       The Wylds, the twin gods of nature and the elements, are neutral. They are known as The Twins, or The Mother and Father. The Wylds are an incarnation of an older entity known as the Earth Being. In the beginning The Maker had created the Earth Being knowing full well The Unmaker would try to taint and destroy it. Instead From the Earth Being came Triquill and Harvester each of whom separately represented the nurturing and destructive forces of nature. In the time of the sundering of the Earth Being, at the birth of Harvester and Triquill, control of the elements themselves was taken by powerful creatures in the elemental planes.

       Try as they might to hate each other The Caretaker and The huntress were two sides of the same coin, this wmost eloquently represented by the fact that they always shared a High Holy Day, and that upon that tday their followers would put aside their differences and unite in common cause against the forces of the Unmaker. When Triquill and Harvester reunited in 999 IR, they were recreated through a mortal vessel as the Wylds. The Wylds ascended and took back control of their birthright – the Elements. like Mirenae they had manifested in front of their worshipers and entrusted their tennets to the faithful personally. Those who wish to protect the natural world from the depredations of people worship the Wylds. Worshipers see themselves as both the caretakers of whatever natural splendor still exists in the civilized parts of the the world and the defenders of the unspoiled parts from civilizatoins inexorable expansion. Rangers more often than not are followers of the Wylds.

       Clerics of the Wylds pray for their spells at sunrise. Worshipers wear green to signify their faith. The symbols of the Wyldes is a is as bird in flight, representing unrestrained nature, and their favored weapon is the longbow. The Wylds sit on the Divine Wheel in opposition oto Argon, the god of civilization.

Church Structure: There is very little formal structure to the church of the Wylds. The leader of the church is whoever is the high priest of Berwick in Scolia. In that place is a huge oak tree that is also a Cathedral to the Wylds. This person is given no more title than high priest or priestess of Berwick. The current holder of the position is Barbara Trailwalker, who is getting on in years and has not yet chosen a successor.

The Wylds

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