Alignment: Neutral Evil

  • Available Domains:* Evil, knowledge, trickery, ullon

       Desirous to destroy the work of Solaron the protector of the Maker’s children, The Unmaker created Ullon, and commanded his new son to children roam in their mortal ‘paradise,’ and murder one half of all of the children of The Maker. Without a word, just a nod of aknowledgement, Ullon vanished from The Unmaker’s sight. It is told that that was the first and only time that the two evil deities were in each other’s direct company.

       For years, The Unmaker watched with great anticipation for Ullon’s murderous ravages to begin, however, they did not come. So furious with Ullon for his defiance, The Unamker unleashed his minions and entities to search the plane for Ullon and destroy him. For years they searched, yet they were unable to find any trace of the god of deceit and murderer.

       One hundred years passed before The Unmaker heard from Ullon. An avatar of blood, sent by by Ullon appeared before The Unmaker. The avatar drew The Unamker’s attention back to the plane of existence, to show it the works of the Avatar’s master. And when The Unmaker looked, he smiled. Not only did Ullon keep his word by killing one half of all of the Maker’s children on the plane, but Ullon had managed to spill the blood of innocent people at the hands of worshipers and initiates of The Maker, Solaron, and Faya by taking on their guise. The Unmaker , as reward to Ullon, sacrificed a portion of his power to Ullon, securing him as the god of murder, blood, and deceit.

       Clerics of Ullon may choose any time as their time to pray for spells, which each initate decides at the time of their initiation. Initiates keep this time secret, even from their brethren. Ullon’s color is crimson and his symbol is a drop of blood, but his devout would never display either. His favored weapon is the nightblade dagger. Ullon sits upon the Divine Wheel in opposition to Salaron, the god of justice.

Church Structure: There is little is known about the church of Ullon in the empires except that they have a wonderful prowess for infiltrating other churches and governments very effectively. The church of Ullon is perhaps the most terrifying of the 3 churches of darkness. You can see the forces of The Unmaker and of Grumach for what they are, but you are never quite sure who may or may not be working in the church of Ullon. In the history of the Twin Crowns, and from the time before when their was but one Empire, minions of the church of Ullon penetrated their way as high as the throne and to the highest ranks of most of the other churches.

       Commands of the church trickle down much the same way they do in other churches. Leader to high priest, high priest to priest, and priest to initiates. Those who are in the church enjoy the powers and fortunes that come with devoting themselves to the world of treachery, deceit, and murder. However, church members also know that their Gifts of life belong to Ullon, first and above all else. It is extremely easy for the church to rid itself of its own, and every initiate knows this. Failure often means death, either from the outside or from within.


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