Alignment: Neutral Evil
Available Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Spirit, Unmaker


  1. First and above all else, bring harm to the Maker’s Creation.
  2. Discredit, attack, and undermine the makers plan.
  3. Keep yourself pure of the Maker and his children in thought, word, and deed.
  4. Support evil and destructive forces.
  5. Wreak destruction by your own hand.

       The unmaker is the neutral evil god of evil, darkness and destruction. Before the Time of Great Change, the church of the Unmaker was dedicated to a singular purpose: the destruction of all things. These were the forces of Chaos, who seek the end of everything and hope to drag the world into complete oblivion. Blindly going about committing random acts of destruction and mayhem without leadership or direction, the church accomplished little more than becoming an enemy of civilization. The Crack of Chaos was belching forth monstrosities and aberrations, only to be destroyed by those who were vigilant in keeping the forces of the Unamker at bay. In 998 IR at the battle of McTavish Plain, the Crack was closed.

       This also heralded the end of the Unamker church as it was known, the devotees of chaos going underground to lick their wounds and wait for another chance to strike out against the children of the Maker. In their absence, the other factions of the Unamker church, known as fissures, rose to power in an attempt to become dominant, as chaos has been for the past thousand years.

       The most fearsome of the fissures of the unamker, as they are called, are the chromatic, umbrla, underworld, and other evil dragons. Giant winged lizards with preternatural intelligence and power, these creatures seek to reduce the world to a vast playground of their own kind. These dragons tend to be greedy creatures, desiring gold and wealth. There followers tend to be greedy as well, seeking to give the gold to their masters for power and favor.

       The final fissure is the most mysterious: the infernal. Followers deal with otherworldly creatures, sometimes committing seemingly random acts at the request of their inhuman contact. Generally, the infernal followers give up at least one of their five Gifgts to the Unmaker to either gain power or have things done they wish to occur. Nothing satisfies the infernalists more than watching genuinely good people betray their principles to make deals for nefarious purposes. Infernalists despise the followers of chaos, as they are disorganized and wasteful, and their foolish actions often cause the forces of good to rally against the Unmaker.

       Clerics of the Unamker pray for their spells at midnight. No matter what fissure they follow, dedicated worshippers of the Unmaker wear black, and their symbol is the broken circle. The Unmakers favored weapon is the club. The Unmaker sits upon the Divine Wheel in opposition to the Maker, god of creation and good.

Church Structure: There does not seem to be a discernible structure to the church of the Unmaker as a whole. However the fissures each enjoy various levels of structure, though this is more on a local level than anything else, and is often dictated by personal strength and prowess.


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