Schongau is located near the navigable headwaters of the Fal River. The river is neither deep nor fast moving, even this close is its birthplace at Konigsmount, and this allows large volumes of barge traffic to and from Keil. Timber and stone are taken to the sea for trade and crafted goods are returned.

       Schongau is a city of distinction primarily because it is the only city in either empire that is run by a family of shallorians. Descended from Dalesk Blackfur, a barbarian that has one of Howling Ulrik’s closest friends the family Blackfur has ruled this city since its construction. The city reflects that cat-like origins of its rules and most of its inhabitants. The architecture is designed to facilitate the needs of the shallorian physiology. The buildings are low and flat and the city itself is large and rambling with few large buildings. Most doors in the city merely push open.

       Because of the unusual population, crime here is punished more severely than anywhere else in the Northern Empire. Merely to open the door of someone’s house without leave is a capital offense. This does not mean crime is controlled here, for brawls and street crimes are common. However, the sanctity of the home and hearth is absolute. and burglary is almost unknown.

       In recent decades Schongau has been a very troubled city. The Highlander clans, no longer needed ito wage perpetual war against chaos at the crack, were interested in finding a more suitable homeland than the desolate region of the Crack. Their legends say that the Highlanders once lived in the region now occupied by Schongau. Several clans, most notably clan Saybrooke, have demanded that Schongau be returned to the Highlanders as their proper homeland. The native Shallorians, however, disagree.

       The present situatoin is very unstable as shallorians and Highlanders vie for control of the city, while the Church of Jaad maintains an unease, and largely ineffective, peace. (See the sectoin under Highalnders for more informatoin about this ongoing conflict.


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